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Northup's Towing Recovery

Our three flatbed trucks can haul cars, SUVs, and other loads throughout New England safely above the road. We have trucks that can pull 20-50 tons with booms that will lift 20 feet high when they are fully extended. We've lifted sheds, construction materials, and even a trailer cab with this powerful workhorse.

Save Time & Money!

Both comparatively priced and on-time, we can move materials and equipment to the job site when you need it. Don't wait for delivery or rent a crane for the project when you can CALL US! If you run a business that needs to save money by not having to lease transportation, insure, fuel and hire the certified skill to operate it, CALL US.

Check out a slideshow of our towing capabilities. We can move almost anything! Local and State Police as well as town municipalities trust us with their fleet service contracts... you can too! IF YOU NEED TO MOVE:
- Sheds, Gazebos
- Worksite Trailers
- Boats and Docking
- Construction Materials/Equip.

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Northup's Spring Tire Service!
Spring is around corner! Don't forget about swapping out your snow tires for your spring and summer tires.
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Welcome to Northup's Service Center new and improved Website! Check back periodically for our latest service specials, helpful news and community resources.

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